1. Alessia Cacace, PhD candidate (Horizon 2020 ‘PACE’ grant)
fMRI for enhanced understanding of spatial reference frames for brain-machine.
Department of Psychology
2. Nik Khadijah Nik Aznan, PhD candidate (Malaysia-sponsored)
Deep Learning, brain-computer and neuro-robotics.
Departments of Computer Science / Engineering
3. Joshua Podmore, PhD candidate (Leverhulme grant)
Deep Learning and dry- and mobile-EEG for brain-computer.
Department of Psychology
4. William Prew, PhD candidate
Deep Learning for enhanced understanding of the visual brain.
Departments of Computer Science / Engineering
5. Dr Matthew Buckley, Research Associate (ESRC-sponsored)
FMRI of spatial navigation
Department of Psychology

Three of four of the PhD candidates above carried out previous lower-level degrees in the Connolly Lab, i.e. they continued working with me following successful completion of studies.  This is evidence of a high graduate student retention rate.